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February 11th, 2010
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Psoriasis Cure – What Can Be Done To Cure Psoriasis?

Is there a cure for psoriasis? Many “cures” for psoriasis have been proposed over the years and though certainly many effective treatments do exist, there is still as yet no true cure. Part of the reason for this is probably because the immune reaction in psoriasis is triggered by different things in different people. With a little research and a careful trial-and-error approach, however, many people are able to find, if not a total cure, then something close to it for themselves.

In recent years, there was some excitement when the first biologics came onto the psoriasis treatment scene, and there was a renewed hope for finding a true cure. Though effective, the biologics were not the hoped for cure-all. Still, some of the biologics provide approximately 65% of patients a clearance of 75% of their symptoms. Furthermore, approximately 35% of patients might expect an almost total clearance of symptoms from using biologics. Not a cure, for sure, but certainly effective. However, given the potential for adverse side-effects and the fact that many people can find similar relief from their symptoms using more natural or simpler treatments, it is usually recommended to try other approaches first.

Of course, over time numerous authors and researchers have suggested a variety of “cures” for psoriasis and if one searches the internet or the library one will find many of these claims.  What is confusing is that though many people are in fact significantly helpd and even sometimes “cured”, no single approach does the trick for everyone. Some are lucky, and find that a single form of treatment will do the trick, but most find that it takes a combination of treatments along with persistence to find a satisfactory solution.

Many are discovering that a crucial factor in acheiving a clearing of the skin is often modifying one’s diet and/or removing whatever may be triggering the immune system’s inflammatory reaction. Combined with programs that are designed to heal one’s digestive tract, often by treating it for leaky gut syndrome or candida overgrowth, dietary approaches often meet with great success, if they are followed, but that’s the hard part! Because sugars, fermented foods, dairy products, and wheat products (in other words, a lot of the more delicious food out there!) are the dietary triggers for many people, it can be challenging to maintain a diet, even if one finds that it  works. It often helps to add supplements that control candida overgrowth, such as coconut oil, to one’s diet to help with the dietary approach.

In fact, coconut oil is a good example of something that has been called a cure. Perhaps because of its powerful antimicrobial as well as moisturizing properties, also works well for many people’s psoriasis when used externally on the skin, since psoriasis is sometimes triggered by fungal or other external triggers.  And though many have therefore described coconut oil as a “cure” for their psoriasis, since it potentially treats psoriasis both internally and externally, there are still others for whom it does not work.

However, given the presence of so many effective treatments, ranging from coconut oil and diet modification to corticosteroids, Dovonex and the biologics, many people are able to find a solution to their psoriasis problem, if not a total cure.

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